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Our clients are important to us and we treat them with the care, respect and confidentiality that they expect. We can say without doubt we have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people in far-ranging types of organizations. Its what we do best and we love it! Changing organizations – and changing people!

Our aim is to help our clients achieve improved business performance through the effective development of leadership and culture. Mentoring and partnering programmes are fundamental to our offer to our clients as we strive to build capability around business success and work/life balance.

Peter Fuda, Managing Director
The Alignment Partnership

“Alan is unique in the world of change agents as he has the lived experience as well as the theoretical understanding – he knows what it is like for a CEO to undertake a journey of real magnitude and significant personal and organizational risk. This makes Alan supremely qualified to advise and coach senior executives who wish to achieve similar transformations.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr Alan McGilvray since 2001, not long after he was appointed to the position of CEO and Chairman of Bayer ANZ. Alan faced numerous challenges to achieve the very ambitious targets set by Bayer globally for the local business including mature markets, increasing competition, merger speculation and a company which scored in the lowest 10% of all Australian organisations for employee engagement. By the time Alan left Bayer five years later, the organisation had exceeded all financial expectations and had been recognised as one of the top 10 employers in Australia. In my opinion, the key factor enabling the transformation of Bayer ANZ was Alan’s own leadership transformation.

Alan shifted from a predominantly task-focused and highly stressed manager to a satisfaction-driven, constructive leader who achieved far greater results with far less effort. Alan’s openness and dedication to personal change set the tone for all leaders in the organisation who in turn shifted Bayer ANZ’s culture dramatically over a period of 4 years. Alan is a leader of the very highest ethics and integrity. His honesty and moral compass can be very disarming to those in positions of authority as he does not play politics and never shirks the hard conversations.

Alan’s wit, humour and disarming style endear him to a very wide audience; from CEO to shop floor.”

Charlie Reilly, Deputy Managing Director
Brookfield Multiplex Services

“Alan’s relaxed and amusing presentational style greatly assisted in maintaining the audience’s attention and in getting the message over. Feedback from attendees, co-presenters and my FMA organising committee members was unequivocally positive about Alan’s contribution to what turned out to be one of the most successful programmes ever run by FMA NSW.

I engaged Alan directly on behalf of Multiplex Facilities Management (now Brookfield Multiplex Services) to design and implement a leadership development programme for our Executive Management Group. The key outcomes achieved through the process included: having the confidence to share our feedback (good and bad), having an awareness of and capacity to learn different behaviours, recognising strategies on how to implement more effective leadership styles and most importantly reflecting on our learning’s and measuring our progress.

Alan also helped with individual participants needs on how to coach staff and how to improve on presentation skills. The overall programme conducted by Alan proved to be a very valuable insight for our Executive Management team members many of whom, although professionally qualified and very capable individuals, had no previous exposure to the potential impacts, benefits and power of high performance cultures within organisations. Subsequently in 2006 Multiplex Group introduced an overall group leadership development programme at corporate level. Interestingly, our FM Executive team were once again keen to participate in these new sessions where post program feedback indicated that their original learning’s and experiences were reinforced and enhanced.”

Steven Bright – CFO
Sheridan and Tontine
“I had the pleasure of working with Alan as my leadership coach over an 18 month period. In this period, I was transformed from a well intentioned manager to a positively impactful leader (still with good intentions!). Alan has a style of coaching that I can best describe as conversational and inductive. It’s up to the participant to grab on and make the change. His story also makes the coaching meaningful and relatable, rather than from a textbook.

Alan coached me from a predominantly green (passive defensive) L/I style into a predominantly blue (constructive) style. Adopting the process of prescriptive rather than restrictive leadership strategies, I was able to understand how subtle changes in language (my communicated intent) could make me far more impactful. The result was a more effective and admired leader, and I enjoyed the role more than ever.”

Walter Immoos
Senior Business Consultant
(Former GM Novotel)
“Paul is a visionary leader, strong on Governance and business skills. He is a very ethical person with strong personal values. Strong minded and outcome focused, Paul is a high achiever.”

Vicki Tiegs – Director
Waples Marketing Group
“Paul is a strategic thinker with extensive management experience. He has an eye for detail, a passion for excellence and an ability to create a team that is focused on positive outcomes. He possesses excellent communication and people skills.”

Julie Malandin, COO
Sass and Bide
“Having previously been through various Leadership modules, I was interested to see how the LI program with Alan would enhance my ability to lead teams. I found from the very beginning that there was much to learn from the LI concept and embraced the opportunity to look at my leadership style and embark on this program to ensure my effectiveness as a leader in my future career.
Alan assisted with my apprehension to take on initial testing and really helped me see the opportunity through the program. My style over the coming 12-18 months saw a dramatic improvement in my constructive styles, particularly self- actualising. I realised that I was able to stand up for my values and encourage my team to do the same. The competitive streak in my leadership has always been evident however now I understand its role and how I can better balance that in my everyday working environment. This program really gave me the tools to understand how I lead and what I needed to change in order to be better. Alan allowed me to feel comfortable to address the parts of my leadership style that need to change. I felt supported in making those changes and Alan guided me through the transformation process which was amazing. I now use these leadership styles in my everyday work life and would not be where I am today if I had not gone on the LI journey with Alan and really just “changed the way I think”

Alex Lombardi – HR Manager
Toll Holdings
“I would highly recommend Paul as a dynamic and knowledgeable executive with a real drive for excellence and a desire to make a difference.”

Martin Lass
Violinist, Composer, Teacher, Astrologer
“Paul is the man to get the job done and properly. He is professional, easy to deal with, covers all bases, and follows through to the professional completion of any given project. Highly recommended.”

Mike Caladine – Director of Sales
“Paul is a performance management professional who simply delivers the goods at so many levels. He practices leadership with integrity and utilizes his skills with great effect. Listening to his leadership journey, developing company values, analyzing marketing and getting right into the business, he has shown how it has to be done.”

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