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Consulting Services with iLeadership in executive coaching, organizational culture improvement, business strategy and team development really work! We work with organizations to become visionary, influential and  successful. Organizations that create loyal, committed employees and long-term success with their clients and customers. We identify not only what you need to do to get you where you want to go, but also how to get there faster with clarity and integrity.

iLeadership was created for expertise in transformational leadership and business consultancy by specialist coaches who have actually lived the experience. We know the pressures of being a Chairman, Managing Director, CEO, Senior Manager and Company Secretary and know what it is like to undertake a journey of real magnitude with personal and organizational risk. This makes us qualified to partner and coach senior executives who wish to achieve similar transformations.

Our aim is to help organisations achieve improved business performance. We implement effective mentoring and partnering programmes to build capability around business success and work/life balance.

Consulting Strategy


One characteristic that will set you apart is that you will have a clearly articulated vision and you can get others to follow you! Sounds easy, but it’s surprising how many leaders simply take this for granted – your strategy will be written down, measurable, accessible and achievable. That’s where our results drive consulting services will work!
We work with Boards, CEO’s and Executives & Senior Management to achieve real outcomes and sustain business growth, through custom-designed, goal-oriented programs. Our experience as management & business analysts with a team of highly qualified consultants can assist you to transform your business. Our experience through a number of differing industries provides us with valuable insights into how to build sustainable achievements.

Consulting Team Development

Team Development

High performing teams are the infrastructure for high performing organizations. How does your team measure up? To imagine how much time, money and energy are spent each year, around the world, on “team building” is mind-boggling. What is it, exactly, that people are trying to do as they make this investment in teams? The collaborative approach to getting things done is not new, for sure, and organizations call for the dynamic of the team to become a major vehicle for reaching their objectives. But the real work of building teams comes in creating real work projects where they have to interact, collaborate, resolve issues, get real results, be accountable for their outcomes, and become interdependent. Talk to us today about how our consulting services can work for you!

Consulting Culture Change

Culture Change

A constructive culture is vital because it influences everything that goes on in the organisation. It comes into play when people are solving problems and making decisions; when people are working together in meetings or as a team; when people are having to respond to a crisis; when people are planning and setting targets for performance; when conflicts occur; when managers manage and when leaders lead.
As a consequence of this, culture is the best predictor of your organisation’s ability to execute its strategy. Your culture will either work for you or work against you. Culture need not be either ‘airy fairy’ or conceptual. It can be measured. It can be described. It can be quantified.

Consulting People Alignment

People Alignment

Every person in an organization needs to know exactly how they fit into the organization, how their work contributes to success, so that their moment-to-moment and day-to-day decisions are aligned with your goals. How effectively are you aligning people and managing performance?
Every organisation has its own special needs regarding solutions to people development and alignment requirements, so we cater to this by developing a program that will match learning objectives and budgets. We work with each client to address the particular needs of their members and their organisation. This could mean 360 degree assessment, individual and team coaching/mentoring or measurement of culture.

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