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We Were CEO’s Once Upon A Time!

Dr Alan McGilvray and Paul Fanning are different than most executive coaches and change specialists! Working with us is unique as our team have extensive experience as Managing Directors and CEO’s and really know what it is like to undertake a journey of real magnitude with significant personal and organizational risk. We have said it before but in case you missed it we thought we would let you know again!

Dr Alan McGilvray is one of Australia’s leading executive coaches and has been quoted extensively in the media and appeared at numerous conferences as a specialised and well received presenter, chairperson and speaker.

Media Executive Coaching Organisational CultureDr Alan McGilvray

During his tenure as the Managing Director Australia/NZ for world leader Bayer Corporation, Dr Alan McGilvray initiated and implemented a leadership development programme which catalysed a huge shift towards an adaptive culture. This in turn produced improved business performance and led to Bayer securing the Hewitt award for Top 10 Best Employer in Australia.

As a leadership coach, Dr Alan McGilvray works at many levels within an organisations’ structure from Board level across to middle managers. His own experience at Bayer gives him a firm understanding of the key stages in leadership development.

His recent and current clients include managing directors, senior executives, general managers and middle managers in sectors as diverse as Facilities Management, Construction, IT Solutions and Services, Local Government, Maritime, Education, Healthcare and Accounting.

Alan firmly believes that leadership has the greatest impact on performance and is adamant that leadership transformation must start at the top of an organisation and it is on this subject that he has been quoted in numerous leading publications including the Australian Financial Review, CEO Forum magazine, Human Capital Magazine and Human Resources Magazine. He has featured on Sky Business Report, ABC’s Business Breakfast, Channel 10 Evening News and has completed countless speaking engagements on leadership.

Alan has lived and worked in Canada, Europe, India and is now resident in Australia. He has extensive Board Chairmanship and Chief Executive experience gained during 25 years with Bayer AG.

Alan is accredited with Human Synergistics International, using the methodology of Leadership Impact (L/I), Management Impact (M/I), Life Styles Inventory (LSi 1 & 2), OCI/OEI and Group Styles Inventory (GSi). He is also an accredited DiSC practitioner.


Paul brings over 25 years of CEO experience to an organization together with the valuable lessons he has learnt through his own leadership development journey. His own values and the desire for continued achievement and improvement drove him to initiate his own culture change program through the development of constructive behaviours.

Paul assists senior executives, management and future leaders at all levels to achieve sustained leadership improvement and firmly believes that core to any improvement is the need for the true understanding of self. Mentoring with clients and partnering are fundamental to core capabilities, building business success and the right work/life balance.

In his previous role as a CEO, he was regarded by his Chairman as a natural-born visionary and strategist. An external review noted the company under Paul’s leadership as ‘best practice’ and he was commended for adopting robust corporate governance. Organizational achievements were delivered through ensuring tight financial control, implementing good corporate governance practices and the hard-nosed annual assessment of priorities.

Paul was a leader in his field in Australia and was regularly consulted. He has been interviewed extensively on television, newspaper and radio and has completed numerous speaking engagements. He has won over 20 Australian and NSW management, marketing and innovation awards. Paul has held company directorships and is an experienced long-term company secretary.

Paul is accredited with Human Synergistics International, using the methodology of Management Impact (M/I), Life Styles Inventory (LSi 1 & 2) and Group Styles Inventory (GSi).

Executive Coaching

Our coaches help you to grow and improve in aspects of your professional and personal life. Whether you’re searching for a vision for positive change, greater productivity, more effectiveness in leading organizations or more work-life balance, our coaches can help you generate a breakthrough. Every coaching program is custom-designed, and goal-oriented. We also provide team coaching to provide ongoing support to teams committed to high performance.

Team Tune-Up

A team is the collective dynamic of the individual members and when individuals combine and work together effectively, the outcome is improvement in performance. Our team development solutions are designed to harness the collective genius of the people in the organization to blow the competition away! In a complex and fast moving business world, everyone on the team needs meet their full potential and help the team win.

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We work with Boards, CEO’s and Executives & Senior Management to achieve real outcomes and sustain business growth, through custom-designed, goal-oriented programs. Our experience as management & business analysts with a team of highly qualified consultants can assist you to transform your business.  Our experience through a number of differing industries provides us with valuable insights into how to build sustainable achievements.

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We are unique as our team have extensive experience as CEO’s and really know what it is like to undertake a journey of real magnitude with significant personal and organisational risk. This makes us qualified to partner and coach senior executives who wish to achieve similar transformations.

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